Web Hosting

Hosting a website at a right place is as important as getting the website developed from a right place. We provide hosting at the most secured & fastest servers in the world called Linux server.

We take the full responsibility of your data to be secured and take all measures for its security. We assure you to provide 99.9% back up time for your website. Get your website hosted by Regatta today because Regatta is a platform “where trust matters”.

We are providing the service of Secured server configuration keeping in mind all the security concerns and counter measures. Our Cyber Security team is continuously monitoring and checking for vulnerabilities within the domain just to keep your data safe. Our servers are based on Linux and situated in UK & US in a very server friendly environment.

Your data is precious and it should not be hacked. We take the complete responsibility to provide you speed, accuracy, precision, noiseless and full security of the server.

Suppose if we want to start any e-commerce then only designing and development of the website is not a complete process as visitors unable to visit our website. In order to make visible our website over the server we need to host it on World Wide Web.

Here the question arises that how we can get our website on the server? Through web hosting an organization is able to host their website on internet service. Internet hosting service provider provides services to the organization that their website can be accessible all over the world through World Wide Web.

There are three types of hosting shared hosting, virtual private servers hosting and dedicated servers. Shared hosting is a type of hosting which is just like a room or an apartment where all facilities of web hosting are available to share it with many people.

Virtual private servers hosting are more flexible than shared hosting as it provides more control of your website. In dedicated server, a client or an organization can buy an entire server which is not shared by anyone.

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