IT Auditing

IT auditing is examining and evaluating a company’s IT software, IT assets, applications, infrastructure, policies, and operations. It determines whether IT practices protecting corporate assets, ensure data integrity/ usability and are in line with the Organization’s overall goals and objectives.

Regatta provides its IT auditing certifications to boost your company’s efficiency and potential thereby gaining a competitive advantage for your business.

There are multiple benefits of IT audit services by Regatta. Some are listed as below:

It reduces risk and gives security to the IT assets of your company. Improve controls and security. After assessing risks, controls can then be identified and assessed. Inappropriately designed or poor controls can be redesigned and strengthened with the report of an IT Audit.

  1. In line with regulations. Regulations at the federal and state levels include specific requirements for IT security. The IT auditor serves a critical function in ensuring that specific requirements are met, risks are analyzed and controls are implemented.

  2. A medium of communication between business and technology management. IT audit can give a favorable effect of opening channels of communication between an organization's business and technology management system of the company.

  3. It helps organizations improving there IT governance also.

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