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We are specialized and have successfully delivered over 150 e-commerce portals across the globe. Our technical staff is specialized and trained to get the best out of the project. We provide functionalities and features not only on the requirements of the client but also by market analysis and competitor analysis.

We provide the 24x7 support to take care of the project after the delivery. Your project is like your baby and we love to pamper it. We also provide Annual maintenance services also to support the start-ups and provide the efficient assistance.

We have created numerous successfully running portals around the world. Portal development includes dedicated efforts in terms of creating the functionalities and making the portal as per the needs of your business. We have the skill set to provide the customized portal exactly as per the requirement.

Keeping in mind the increasing cyber crimes in the era of technology. Regatta always dedicates one cybersecurity expert to every e-commerce project and give the most secured and un-hackable solution to the customer.

The process of interchanging of our products and services through the internet is known as e-commerce. Information flow, cash flow, and delivery are three basic requirements in order to develop the structure of e-commerce.

E-commerce refers to the way of merchandising of products and services through an electronic mail, electronic data exchange, electronic bulletin boards and other network-based technologies.

E-commerce helps to increase the brand of any company. Customer can save their time as they are getting 24x7 service availability i.e. customer can use our services 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week is the main reason for the increase in the speed of e-commerce.

After analyzing the demand of market this is the desire of every businessman to implement his online business in order to compete with the cut-throat competition in the market.

With the use of e-commerce entrepreneur can easily understand the requirement of their customers and with the use of e-commerce, their products and services sold globally with minimum investment.

To start the online business we must have web portal which helps to display all the information related to our services throughout the world through the array of resources and services such as email, search engines etc.

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