Cyber Security Consulting

Investment in investigation is never a dicey call at Regatta. We provide Cyber Crime Investigations at its core in figuring out the key problem in the system. Most effective investigation solution in the least turn around time is what we excel in. Getting to the root cause of anything is necessary to root out the problem. Cyber-crime investigation is dynamic growth-centric domain as with growing pace of internet penetration not just in corporate but in households coupling with increasing tele density scaling canvas of cyberspace. With most of corporate opening their cyber security departments scope for this filed has exponential growth in days.

Cyber Crime Investigations

Preventions are always better than cure. But if in case it is not prevented then we need to take the countermeasures. We provide professional cybercrime investigation services. Cybercrime is a use of technology which is intended to harm a personnel’s property either physically or monetary or by any terms. The most common cybercrimes may involve :

  • Fraud and Identity theft
  • Phishing/ Spoofing
  • Blackmail/ Extortion
  • Accessing stored Communication
  • Sports Betting
  • Non-Delivery of Merchandise
  • Electronic Harassment
  • Child Pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Criminal Copyright Infringement

To cope up with such crimes, Regatta is having cybercrime investigators to assist you and solve all kind of cases ethically and legally as well.

Fraud Detection :

Fraud detection is a part of cybercrime investigations in a bay of services offered by Regatta. We are here to help victims of fraud or identity theft. When things are not verified and not cleared between parties then it increases the chances of becoming a victim of fraud. In the world of technology today it is nothing impossible. There are numerous tools and resources by which we can catch the culprit. We have dedicated team of cybercrime investigators for the same purpose.

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