Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics is a science of finding/ detecting evidence on digital storage. It includes examining of digital storage/ database/ disks/ computers and looking out for the footprints of the intruder or a third person.

The main moto of cyber forensics is to detect, analyze and examine the media in a professionally sound manner with the objective of identifying, recovering, examining and keeping opinions about the digital information on a case to case basis.

In most of the cases, Cyber forensics is used as a technique to solve the cyber crime cases which may lead to a strong and authentic outcome against the crime.

The rapid increase in internet penetration has given an abrupt rise in sophisticated attacks on IT infrastructure. Hackers are gaining easy access to sensitive information like company database, confidential files, private information, credit card details and other financial information.

Regatta is having a dedicated team of cyber security experts who help to solve cases for cyber-crimes and give the extraordinary potential to solve the cases with the help of cyber forensics.

Cyber forensics is a scientific process in order to identify the criminal through storage media devices.

Evidence may be required to control the computer crimes therefore through forensic computing identify the criminal activity which is legally acceptable. The important characteristics of cyber forensics are identifying, preserving, presenting and analyzing digital data.

What is the need for computer forensics? With the increase in the demand for computer and internet, both professionally and socially computer forensics is required.It is required in order to show the evidence which is legal and acceptable. It also ensures the integrity of the computer.

We provide cyber forensics services by certified cyber forensics professional certification team in order to reduce the criminal activities.

We generate forensics accounting which discloses all possible fraud that suitable for presentation. Our main goal to provide computer forensic services is not only to find the criminal but also to find the real evidence that is legally acceptable and leads to take any action against the criminal. Regatta enables to find crucial digital evidence whether the data was lost, deleted or damaged.

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