Cyber Crime Investigation

Investment in the investigation is never a dicey call at Regatta. We provide Cyber Crime Investigations at its core in figuring out the key problem in the system. Most effective investigation solution in the last turnaround time is what we excel in. Getting to the root cause of anything is necessary to root out the problem.

Cyber-crime investigation is dynamic growth centric domain as with growing pace of internet penetration not just incorporate but in households coupling with increasing teledensity scaling canvas of cyberspace. With most of the corporate opening, their cyber security departments scope for this filed has exponential growth in days.

Regatta helps you to get out of such frauds and cyber-crime activities by helping you solve the mystery of cyber-crimes. We offer professional cyber-crime investigators who use the most modern techniques and tested methodology to find evidence and reach the criminals.

These days computers are being used very widely, but there are some people who are using computers with bad attention. Misuse of computers is an offense and considered as a cyber-crime. Offence which is performed by the use computer and technologies is known as cyber-crime.

Thus cyber-crime is an offense which is done on a computer against anyone. Internet in India is also increasing day by day which gives the rise of many criminal activities. In the year 1820, the first crime is recorded. The various types of activities which are considered as cyber-crime are hacking, phishing, spoofing, threatening, virus dissemination etc.

There are mainly three categories of cyber-crime took place these are cyber-crime against persons, cyber-crime against property and cyber-crime against the government. Cyber-crime investigation is important to reduce the criminal activities in order to maintain peace in society.

We provide cyber-crime investigation services with the help of our experts in order to reduce the cyber-crime. We always provide such evidence against cyber-crime which are logical and helpful in finding the criminals.

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